The Burning Sky
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    The birth of a female child who will be the liberator of the Denizen people living within the Provinces has long been foretold by prophecy. No one really knows when, but they are certain that she will one day appear. Governed by the Dark Lord, they have been under his oppression for years and are anxiously waiting for that day to unfold.

    The Dark Lord, although hoping for a son, is instead rewarded with a daughter. He names her Katherine, and she both amazes and confounds him from day one. On her first birthday she is gifted with a dragon egg, which subsequently hatches, and her lifelong friend, Exxa, is born. Exxa becomes her constant companion and protector. Katherine is extraordinarily intelligent, headstrong, and has shown surprising skills and strange abilities, of which not even her father is aware.

    As she grows older, she realizes that the Dark Lord is a cruel and heartless monarch who cares little for her or the people he governs, and Katherine decides to follow her own path into unfamiliar territory. Who is she really, and how will her life affect the fate of those she cares about, the citizens of the Provinces, and the future?

    You won’t want to miss this first exciting installment to the Dragomeir Series. It is a gripping look into the past of the Queen of the Dragons that will keep you wondering what happens next!