The Atrium
  • A war leaves a young boy's world on the verge of global extinction.
    He is given a dimensional torch that can rip a hole in the fabric of time and space, leading to an identical world many decades in the past.
    Is it possible to change the previous chain of events and alter the future before the second planet suffers the same global catastrophe? What would you do?

    A Review

    "Between Two Worlds" invites readers into a world steeped in war, famine, and environmental decay. This adventure-packed science fiction novel skillfully navigates a future that feels chillingly close to our current trajectory. The protagonist, Cross Mundos, embodies resilience amidst despair, navigating a nuclear wasteland armed with his intellect, his parents’ compassion, and the eccentricity of his uncle. The narrative plunges readers into Cross's journey, where each twist and turn unfolds against a backdrop of seemingly insurmountable odds, seeking a way to salvage what remains.

    The protagonist's refusal to succumb to hopelessness resonates deeply in a landscape where isolation and death seem inevitable. Cross's relentless determination to persevere offers a poignant reminder of the enduring human spirit. Amidst the darkness, the novel underscores the significance of life's simplest joys and the power of human connection.

    As Cross grapples with the challenges of his journey, the novel serves as a profound metaphor for humanity's own evolution—a testament to our capacity to effect change, for better or worse. This narrative seamlessly blends a coming-of-age tale with a thought-provoking exploration of our collective potential.

    Moreover, the novel expertly satisfies the cravings of science fiction enthusiasts, intricately weaving details that immerse readers in a world they could almost architect themselves. The story's unpredictability keeps readers engaged until the final moments, offering a delightful sense of mental acuity while unraveling the plot's mysteries.

    As someone not akin to Cross's genius, I found myself transported into a world of intellect and intrigue, thoroughly engrossed in the narrative's suspense. I wholeheartedly endorse delving into this compelling story; each chapter is a testament to its captivating storytelling and immersive world-building. This is a literary journey that promises no disappointment.”